A wonderful pregnancy..

Are you pregnant? Or your wife / friend / work colleague may be? Or you may be planning on falling pregnant?

Everyone gets given all kinds of advice, some wanted some not. Having just had my second baby just over 4 months ago, I would like to share some personal and professional insight into a happy healthy pregnancy. The personal advice worked for me and may not work for all….

My personal recommendations:

1)     For morning sickness – alkaline green drinks helped me in the morning, (green powder you just mix with water). I used the Melrose brand (Barley Grass) and I found when my morning sickness stopped me from getting out of bed, these helped.

2)     Exercise – I kept up my exercise right through, I jogged up until I was about 5 months pregnant – with a good belly support belt –not far (3-4km) and not fast but it felt good to keep it up. I also went to the gym with a personal trainer right up to the end and did yoga twice a week. All really helped me feel good and helped my breathing, flexibility and strength for the birth.

3)     Meditation – helped with breathing and keeping calm before the birth (and during)

4)     Calm Birth – I did Calm Birth classes with Lael Stone and Jules Brooks (see contact below). These classes were invaluable and I used what I learnt in both my first and second labours.  I loved these classes and it really worked. These classes give you the tools to prepare for a wonderful birth but like anything practise makes perfect so I did practise my breathing and listen to the meditations daily from about 27 weeks. Even if you end up with a caesarian, the breathing will still help with a beautiful birth.

5)     Staying well hydrated.


Top 5 osteopathic tips for pregnancy:


1)     Exercise – walking, yoga, pilates, gym with a trainer is recommended unless you are well versed in exercises during pregnancy. Ideally you would be doing these before falling pregnant but if not just make sure your teacher / trainer is experienced with pregnant clients.

2)     Get some appropriate exercises off your osteopath or other practitioner to do on a daily basis just to keep your body strong and flexible – 5-10 minutes a day.

3)     Get regular osteopathic treatment during pregnancy, if you have no aches or pains you can even book monthly to start off with and then can increase to fortnightly towards the end of the third trimester.  This will help keep your pelvis aligned, increase your mobility in upper back which often gets very stiff and decrease tension in neck and other areas among many other things.

4)     Drink lots of water – 33ml per kg of body weight is the recommended amount normally but you need more when it is hot and if you are exercising more.

5)     Eat well – if you need advice please get help from your GP or naturopath. Lots of fruit and vegetables and good grains – because we all know there will be a bit of chocolate here and there (in moderation totally fine!!)


My contacts:

Yoga: yoga school of india www.yogaschoolofindia.com.au

Personal training: www.trewhealth.com.au

Green drinks: http://www.melrosehealth.com.au/health_products/General_Wellbeing/Barley-Grass.aspx

Calm Birth: www.aboutbirth.com.au

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