Osteopathy for babies, children & teenagers

Osteopathic treatment is especially suited to babies and children. We use cranial or biodynamic treatment (in addition to more direct techniques when required). Prior to the treatment, a comprehensive history and examination will be done to determine which kind of treatment is best suited.

Treatment of babies
Babies may have had trauma through childbirth which may contribute to problems such as colic and constipation, feeding difficulties, plagiocephaly (misshapen or flat head) or reflux.

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Treatment of children / teenagers
Children’s bodies go through very rapid changes when they grow from babies through to teenage years. These changes can place excessive stress on the body and can affect growth and development. Osteopaths can help with alignment and overall body health by treating children who have postural strains, sporting injuries, growth related strains or children who have had accidents or falls. It is also beneficial to bring you child for treatment when they are having a growth spurt so we can help the child grow as optimally as possible by taking strain off areas in the body which may be susceptible.

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